13 Feb

10 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Dog

Sharing your life with a dog is the best feeling and celebrating Valentine’s Day with it is just amazing. Even if you have a human(or not) valentine you can still show the love to your dog on this valentine by taking him along with you. Here are a few ideas that’ll get your Valentine ball rolling.

A relaxing day for your dog: Take your pup to a salon for spa or give it a spa at home if it is fidgety at a salon.

Lunch at a dog-friendly cafe: Dress up your cute pup and head to a dog-friendly cafe and if you are in Bangalore you can visit Therpup. It is a first dog-friendly cafe in Bangalore where you and your pup can enjoy.

A Road Trip with your dog is the best way of spending a day with your valentine and let it know how much you love it. 

Learn to play a new game with your pup: This valentine you and your pup can head to a park and play some new games like frisbee, running with the dog, tug of war and enjoy each others company.

Who says no to gift! Give your dog a gift. The happiness you will see on your dog’s face with that gift will be impeccable. You can even gift it something which is tasty and healthy like Dogsee Chew combos

A peaceful long walk: Take your pup for a long walk and enjoy the nature with fresh air.

Read to your dog: It is another way of spending a quality time with your pup. You can enjoy reading with your pup and spend time with it.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month so just a routine check up of your dog seems a good way of celebrating Valentine day.  

Add a swag in your dog’s style: Give a makeover to your dog’s style

Share your Love Story: Tell the world how much you love your dog by sharing your story or pics on social media

Final Thought: If you don’t have time for all these things just go to a nearby park with your dog and play with your dog. Your dog will always love you no matter you celebrate valentine with it or not.

Spending a day with your dog will make you both happy.


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