21 May

5 ways to spend quality time with your dog

Managing work-life balance nowadays is not easy for pet parents. No wonder, so many pet dogs spend most of their time sleeping, eating or just waiting for you to come back home. However, it’s important to understand that dogs are social creatures and are in constant need of attention. Dogs also have emotional needs and if you neglect them, they might suffer from depression.

If you just realized that you’ve been forgetting to make time for your furry friend, it’s never too late to make things right. Here are five good activity ideas that you and your furry friends will love to indulge in to spend some quality time together –

1. Enjoy a lazy day together:

Sometimes all you need to do is make your presence felt in your pup’s life. One of the best possible ways to do it is by taking a day off and enjoying a lazy day with them. Watch a movie, have endless conversations or just take a nap together. This will make your dog feel emotionally secure and your bond will also get better.  

enjoy with your dog

2. Take your dog for a brisk walk:

Dogs love going for walks. So, visit a nearby park or just walk around in your neighbourhood. This will not only help you and your dog stay fit but will also put you both in a much better frame of mind. In this process, you and your furry friend might also end up making new friends. And as the saying goes, “a tired dog is a good dog”. An everyday walk will surely bring out the best in them.  

go for walk with your dog

3. Plan a lunch date:

Every time you go out, doesn’t your puppy give you that longing look in the hope that they will be taken along? Well, with the increasing number of pet-friendly restaurants these days, it won’t be difficult for you to find a cozy place to relax and enjoy your meal together. So, take your furry friend out on a lunch date and have a gala time him/her.

plan lunch for your dog

4. Attend a pet event together :  

Attending a pet event or carnival together is a great way to enjoy summertime with your dog. Your pet will be able to play their hearts out, make new friends and explore exciting counters. Besides, there will be various engaging and entertaining events for your pets to enjoy.

pet event

5. Practice some training tricks :

You can practice obedience or training commands with your dog while you’re making dinner. It will keep him/her occupied and also increase his/her mental stimulation. Also, make sure there’s some treat or food involved during the training. Every time your pooch manages to learn a new tactic, reward him/her with his/her favorite chew. Dogsee Chew’s  human grade treats are definitely the right choice for this activity.The treats  are grain and gluten-free and is suitable for dogs of all breeds, size and age.

It is a well-known, universal truth that your four-legged friend loves you unconditionally. In return, all they need is your time and attention. So, take some time out from your busy schedule and spend it well with your pooch.


  • by Lisa, post on | Reply

    Great list, thank you for that! The pictures of point 3 are too cute. Definitely have to look for pet-friendly restaurants in my neighbourhood.

  • by Casey Bradford, post on | Reply

    Thanks for the great activity ideas, but maybe I will add some more activity like go for a car ride! That sometimes brings the smile to your dog. Your dog sometimes loves to see the new sight and want to smell something new along the way. Furthermore, you can just talk to your dog for any topic you like, maybe you come back from work and feel stress about the boss, just release your tension and talk something gibberish to your dog just to make it fun and showing you care.

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