gluten-free dog treats


Dogsee produces all-natural, gluten and grain-free dog treats for dogs around the world. Our 100% natural and healthy treats are sourced from the purest cheese from the Himalayas and the freshest fruits and vegetables from selected farms. By handpicking the farms, farmers, and cows, we ensure that we provide your dogs with nothing but the best.

Dogsee was born one of founder Bhupendra Khanal's (Bhupi) treks. On the trek, he found stray dogs in the best of their health and found the reason behind it to be Churpi. Having known about Churpi all his life, he was surprised to see it being used as healthy dog chews.

An ardent dog lover with a desire to do something for pets, he brought home the traditional recipe from the Himalayas and started Dogsee Chew. Since then, Dogsee Chew has been delighting dogs all over the world with its delicious cheese treats.

After the success of Dogsee Chew, continuing his mission of providing natural food to dogs, Bhupi started Dogsee Crunch, single-ingredient treats sourced from fresh fruits and vegetables.




Bhupendra Khanal

Bhupendra Khanal is a Bangalore-based serial entrepreneur. Hailing from Nepal, he came to India to pursue engineering and since then has settled in India. He started his career as an analytics professional and very soon founded an analytics company of his own. After having successfully headed the company for 7 years, Bhupi took an exit to follow his dream of doing something in the pet food industry and found Dogsee Chew.

When it comes to Dogsee Chew, you’re not just holding a pack of dog treats, but also a promise to your pets that you’ll always give them nothing but the best. It’s a symbol of love and commitment of every pet parent towards their beloved pet.