22 Dec

Alish Maharjan and Vasily

Meet our very enthusiastic participant Alish and his super dog Vasily! Vasily is a total star and absolutely loved getting his selfie clicked! The two share a strong brotherly bond and each beautiful  #petfie of the two of them is proof of that. There are so many beautiful moments that Alish has shared with us, for instance, when Vasily licks him awake early in the morning when he wants to play, or when Vasily missed Alish so much when Alish was away that he did not eat properly for days. Here is an excerpt from Alish’s testimony for his best bro:

dog selfie

He adds – “ Vasily is twenty months old and is one of my best friend with whom I can play with and spend most of my time. Every morning, he wakes me up by licking my face. When I come from college being all tired, he comes and tries to play with me and makes me re-energized. And, Every time Im away from home, he will be right there waiting to see me on the door. I never get so excited for anyone’s birthday as much as I plan and celebrate for my Vasily’s. Some things fills our heart without even trying and for me, it’s my one and only lovely pet.

One time, I had to leave on a vacation for a week, then he became very sad and I could see tear drops in his eyes. And, later I came to know that he didn’t eat food properly for days as he was so used to eating food only from me and even didn’t stop shedding his tears. Ever since then, if I plan up to go somewhere, my buddy goes along with me now. And, my life is so much better having a dog.

We absolutely loved all the stories you shared with us Alish and you and Vasily are truly lucky to have each other! Wish you both all the very best!

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