Are you unknowingly Feeding Poison to your Dog?

It might seem like a scary question but it is true. Many pet parents are unknowingly pushing their pets towards a very disastrous lifestyle as they buy food and treats from the market without reading its actual contents, without doing any research on the profile of the company or the product. And it matters as these foods are killing our dogs.

To protect and shield your dog, make sure you don’t do the mistakes mentioned below:

1. Commercial Dog Food:

Yes, the very food made especially for dogs can be killing your dog. And it’s not just the cheap dog foods found in grocery stores, the so-called “premium”, “gourmet”, “natural” or “preservative-free” (often produced by these same companies) can be just as bad. There is  limited control of byproducts and industrial chemicals in pet foods. Studies and findings have shown that packaged pet food consists of food items that it should not comprise of.

Most of the major Marketing firms have discarded dog’s best health interests. They use 4D meat – diseased, disabled, dying or dead meat in their products.

 dog food ingredients comparison review

2. Feeding him table scraps:

Table scraps are hazardous for dogs. Human food is mostly high on calories and fat; and like we struggle to keep obesity at bay so do our canine counterparts. A common concern with feeding table scraps is that it causes obesity. This risk is higher for small dogs, as it takes very few extra calories to cause weight gain. Instead feed them fruits and yogurt.

table scraps are hazardous for dogs

3. Dental Hygiene:

Since dogs can’t brush their own teeth, it becomes your duty to brush their teeth. Every vet recommends daily brushing of your dog’s teeth or giving them long lasting dental chews. If this is delayed the tooth infection will spread to other vital organs of his body.

 brushing of your dogs teeth

4. Not enough exercise:

Not taking your dog for walks, or not devoting enough time in training physically might turn him dull and physically ill. Regular exercise protects dogs from arthritis. And as they grow older, if the dog doesn’t have an active lifestyle, he might develop dementia. It happens because of not being active physically and just lazing around. Dogs that are active till the middle age have active minds in the old age.

exercise protects dogs from arthritis

Finally, besides a proper, high quality diet for you and your pet, to live happy and healthy make certain he gets plenty of exercise, water, and most importantly, cuddles!

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