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diwali for dogs
October 13, 2017

Dogsee Chew to celebrate Kukur Tihar with Dogs and Dog Lovers in Bangalore

Dogsee Chew is bringing the traditional festival of Kukur Tihar, #DiwaliForDogs 2017, to Bangalore at TherPUP cafe on 15th October, [...]

Train your dogs while you play with them
October 11, 2017

Train your dogs while you play with them

Dogs love to play. Though pups are more into playing, adult dogs also love it. Hence, it’s better to train [...]

Know What’s the Best Food for your Dog

unhealthy and never recommended dog food

Vets everywhere are asked innumerable questions by concerned dog parents, as to “What is the best food for my dog”? It is a sincere and valid question because most of the pet parents want the best food for their furry companions. Good health begins with balanced diet, and proper nutrition regardless of price! But the […]

Benefits of Dogs and Children Growing up together

benefits of pets for kids

Dog makes a perfect addition to any family with young kids, as most children love dogs! They’re cuddly, cute and oh-so-friendly and the Internet will second this statement as it is filled with cute pictures/videos of kids and dogs having a gala time! Whether it’s playing with a pooch or petting a purring kitty, there’s […]

Complete Guide to Canine’s Oral Health

guide to canines oral health

There are a number of things you take care of when it comes to keeping your dog healthy: quality food, routine checkups and fitness. But, what about their teeth? Oral hygiene is usually the most neglected aspect in your dog’s overall health. However, periodically checking and maintaining your dog’s teeth and gums is important because […]