A Pet Story Article

Gowtham and Dollar We are happy and feel privileged to read beautiful, moving stories shared by the contestants of our #Petfie contest. We invited participants to click selfies with their pet pooches and share a small write up about them with us. The winner, the one with maximum engagements and the best story and petfie, […]

This Diwali #SayNoToCrackers

Say no to crackers

Every Diwali when we are laughing out loud to the sight & sound of those crackers, there are our furry little friends trying to find a corner to hide. This Diwali & for all the other upcoming festivals, we at Dogsee Chew are urging people to #SayNoToCrackers and #SayYesToCelebratingTogether. If we did a survey of […]

#DogThinks: The Secret Thoughts in your Dog’s Mind

secret thoughts of your dogs

Your dog slumbers by your side and what does she dream about? Does your dog like watching TV? Does she feel sad because you yelled at her earlier? Does she feel guilty about something? What does your dog feel? Do you understand it? How to understand your dog’s feelings and maintain a wonderful bond with […]