Why is it bad to feed your dog human food?

why not feed dogs human food

Don’t we all love to spoil our pet dogs with oodles of kisses, hugs and food from our own plate? Kisses and hugs are fine but what about the table scraps? They might be doing more harm than good to your dog. Read on to find out why. 1.  Human food can be hazardous to […]

Dogsee Chew: Loved by Pets and Pet parents alike!

organic treats for dogs

Have you tried Dogsee Chew for your Dog yet? If not, you, rather your pet, is missing out on something that is super tasty and super nutritious! Dogsee Chew products are 100% Organic and are the best in the market in the ‘Dental Chews’ category. Highly recommended by Veterinary doctors, these chews are hard, long […]