Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide on third Sunday of June every year. It was first introduced in the United States in the year 1910 and since then it is celebrated every year to honour fatherhood and the contribution father and father figures make to the lives of their children. Pam Brown said “Dads are most […]

ways to treats heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke is a common problem in dogs during the summers. Our dog needs more care and attention during the summer season. One of the mistakes committed by most dog owners is leaving their dogs inside a car in hot weather or keeping them in sun for long. Few Symptoms of Heatstroke in Dogs are: […]

how to cope with losing a pet

For all pet lovers, a pet is not just an animal but a dear member of their family. Pets provide joy, companionship, and in their own way give meaning & purpose to our lives. There love is selfless and pure. So, when a beloved pet dies, it’s normal to feel a hole in your life […]