human grade gluten free dog treats dogsee chew

Dogsee Chew, the only 100% natural, vegetarian, human grade and grain/gluten free dog treat from India can now be found in the Canadian pet shops too. After its successful launch in the United Kingdom, Khanal Foods Pvt. Ltd, the parent company of the brand has set its feet in British Columbia, Canada. Dogsee Chew products […]

Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re at Work

It is hard to manage your time equally between work and your pet as both demand attention. These days pet parents lead a very busy life taking care of their work, family and other things, and the dogs usually end up spending the day home alone. If you don’t pay attention to your dog then […]

Signs of illness in Dogs

You can usually predict the behaviour of your dog if you have him for a while. With time, you tend to understand the personality and temperament of your pet. However, sometimes out of the blue he/she may start acting weird, get irritated and snap at you or everyone else. Or it can be that your […]