Nutrition facts to Check before buying dog treats

There are innumerable dog treats booming in the pet market. Pet parents love to see their dog’s face lighting up at the mention of treats, which makes treats an essential commodity in every pet parent’s shopping list. People have the habit of checking the ingredients before buying any edible product for themselves. It is necessary […]

Natural Calcium Supplement for your Dog

Calcium is an essential nutrient in a dog’s diet. It is the key to optimum health and the main nutrient which keeps a dog’s bones and teeth stronger, along with a healthy fur. Calcium also helps in digestion, blood clotting, releasing hormones and proper functioning of the nerves. It helps in maintaining a regular heartbeat […]

Why Do Dogs Bark

Barking is the most preferred way of vocal communication among dogs. No one should expect their dogs to not bark as it is equivalent to asking humans to not talk. Dogs are generally attention seekers and thus bark to attract attention. There are indeed some dog breeds that don’t bark much, but it is very […]