Getting a second dog Know what to keep in mind

“The first dog is the dog who gives you so much love that it is often the reason for the second dog.” Dogs are no doubt adorable and a great company to have, and the unparalleled joy that it brings to a family is indeed a wonderful experience. This relationship of pure love that dogs […]

Constipation canines and how to treat it naturally

Constipation isn’t a good thing for anyone, be it a human or an animal. One of the most common digestive problems in dogs is constipation. A constipated dog is never happy. Irregular bowel movement not only makes a dog uncomfortable but also leads to many health issues like vomiting, loss of appetite and lethargy. How […]

Top games to play with your dog

According to a recent study, dogs who don’t play quite often suffer from behavioral issues like anxiety and aggression. Like humans, dogs too need to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Play indeed brings out the best in dogs. It not only keeps them healthy but also enhances their social skills and help them bond […]