yak milk beneficial for dogs

There are many misconceptions regarding yak milk, mainly due to the fact that most of the people are unaware about its benefits. The people residing in the high altitudes of the Himalayan region in Nepal have known about the properties of yak’s milk for centuries and have been consuming it because of its extensive health […]

dogsee chew dog adoption partners

Dogsee comes up with a pawsome idea to control stray dog population. While India’s stray dog population is reaching an all time high, we being one of India’s leading healthy and all Natural Dog treat manufacturer, chose a unique path to make India Stray free by 2025. We have partnered with  Bengaluru Opts To Adopt […]

dog think of you as their Dad dogsee chew

‘My dog is my baby’ is the most common catch phrase we hear from dog parents around the world. You love them like your kids, feed them, take care of them and at times sacrifice more than you would for your own kids. Well, do you think your dog understands all this and considers you […]