Easy Dog Grooming Tips


Does your dog have a wavy, curly, silky or long coat? Yes? Then there is a good chance that he will require a hair clipping routine to be inculcated in his grooming schedule. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t long, it is still advisable to get his fur trimmed, especially during summer! Trimming will not […]

Myth Busters about Dog Behaviours


Many dog owners have misconceptions about dogs, from behavior and feeding to health care and training. With the immense amount of information available on dog care on the internet nowadays, it’s hard to know true from false. Many of the myths might be harmless, but the main problem arises when a pet owner acts based […]

Top 10 Best Therapy Dog Breeds


We all need someone in our lives who’ll make us feel happy, contented and blessed. And, can you think of anything better than an adorable pet dog to fulfill that need? Pet dogs are not only great when it comes to provide affection and companionship, certain breeds are also excellent therapy dogs for people with […]