Popular Foreign Dogs breeds in India

Take a stroll in a park or around your apartment complex and some of the pet dogs that you are likely to encounter would be a Labrador, Retriever, Beagle, or a Pug. Did you know that all of these and some of the most commonly seen dog breeds are actually foreign. In a bid to […]

gluten free dog food

Gluten is a healthy protein found in grains like wheat and rye. It helps food maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together. With more number of people getting health conscious gluten free food is trending nowadays. It is the safest food to be included in your diet to ensure your body […]

reasons include pumpkin in your dogs diet

Research has shown that pumpkin is a miracle food for your pet. This fruit contains fiber and beta-carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A, Potassium and Iron and gives your dog a high immunity boost. The ingredient is also said to be good for the heart of the dogs & helps in reducing cholesterol. […]