why choose organic food for dogs

When we say organic, it means anything which has been grown without the use of any artificial pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. In other words, you can say that organic product is being as natural as you can. Nowadays, organic is becoming extremely popular choice among people. But there are still some myth and confusion among […]

training tips for older dogs

Whether you have recently adopted an older dog or are considering it, you’re embarking on a journey that will fill your heart and home with love. Every dog either a puppy or an adult needs to be trained from the beginning itself. This ensures that their grooming and behaviour is eminent. Most people usually think […]

effects of holi colours on Dogs

The countdown to Holi has just begun and celebrations can be easily seen in Indian houses; but the same can’t be said for your pets. There are various side effects of Holi colours on our canine friend, and one should always take extra care of their pet during the festive season. The Negative impact of […]