Dr. AK Balyan Joins Dogsee's Board

Dr. A.K. Balyan, CEO for Oil & Gas, Reliance ADAG Group, has joined as the member of the Board of Natural Dog Treat Company, Dogsee Chew. Dr. Balyan is a prominent business leader with over 40 years of experience in the oil & gas and manufacturing industry. He was earlier Director on the board of ONGC […]

natural remedies for dog deworming

One of the most common health problems in dogs are worms – parasites mainly found in the lungs or intestine of a dog. The usual causes of worms in dogs are playing in an infested ground or soil, drinking stagnant water or milk of an infected mother and from fleas and rodents. These worms cause […]

true story travelled with my dog when i was pregnant

Only dog owners can truly understand how much joy our beloved furry companions bring to our lives. They enrich our life in small and undramatic ways every day—by making us laugh, giving us company and offering us unconditional love. But, did you ever ponder on the idea of travelling with your dog? It can actually […]