Top 10 Best Therapy Dog Breeds


We all need someone in our lives who’ll make us feel happy, contented and blessed. And, can you think of anything better than an adorable pet dog to fulfill that need? Pet dogs are not only great when it comes to provide affection and companionship, certain breeds are also excellent therapy dogs for people with […]

Guidelines For Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

dog habituated to toothbrush

For most pet owners, cleaning their dog’s teeth isa herculean task. Dogs, unlike human beings, are not prone to cavities but they may develop some problems such as tartar, plaque build-up, gingivitis, etc. Dental hygiene problems can also lead to fatal infections. By having clean teeth, your canines can have good health and this also […]

10 small dog breeds to own if you live in a small apartment

10 small dog breeds

Are you one of those people who really love dogs but hesitate to get one because you don’t have the space for one? Why not go for small breed dogs! They are quite apt for apartment life. Though they are small, they are not just lap-warmers. They are sturdy and vigorous. Below is a list […]