Heart Touching Celebrity Pet Adoption Stories


Raising awareness for rescue pets is what Dogsee chew is all about. If you think celebrities were made only to bask in the glitz and glam of their fame, think again. Here’s a roundup of some of your favorite celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, who’ve proved themselves as ‘true stars’, by shunning away from buying […]

Indian Dog Breeds that Don’t Bark Much

indian dogs that don't bark Dhole Indian Wild Dog

While barking is certainly a part of a dog’s nature, it can end up scaring young ones, keeping owners up at night and upsetting neighbours, especially if you are staying in an apartment. However, you can go in for Indian Dog Breeds that don’t bark much. While training is the key to stopping bad behaviour […]

Easy Dog Grooming Tips


Does your dog have a wavy, curly, silky or long coat? Yes? Then there is a good chance that he will require a hair clipping routine to be inculcated in his grooming schedule. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t long, it is still advisable to get his fur trimmed, especially during summer! Trimming will not […]