Alish Maharjan and Vasily

selfie with the dog

Meet our very enthusiastic participant Alish and his super dog Vasily! Vasily is a total star and absolutely loved getting his selfie clicked! The two share a strong brotherly bond and each beautiful  #petfie of the two of them is proof of that. There are so many beautiful moments that Alish has shared with us, […]

Top Dog Breeds ideal for family homes

idea dog breeds

Kids pestering you to bring home a pet dog? You probably want one anyway! Before you go ahead and bring one home, there are many factors to consider and it is very important to understand the characteristics and lifestyle needs of various dog breeds. Below is a list of top five dog breeds that are […]

A True Story of a Dog Lover

Poonam and Charlie Meet our second #Petfie contestants Poonam and Charlie! Here is what Poonam has to say about ‘Charlie’, the angel in her life! “ It’s not where you go, but whom you travel with. And if you’re lucky enough to have a 4 legged companion by your side, life suddenly gets better. I […]