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Why should you always choose Organic food for your dog?

When we say organic, it means anything which has been grown without the use of any artificial pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. In other words, you can say that organic product is being as natural as you can.

Nowadays, organic is becoming extremely popular choice among people. But there are still some myth and confusion among people whether the organic food has any benefit to their dog’s health.
There are various unethical way in which other dog food companies makes their food attractive and tasty which is not healthy for your dog. Some of the ingredients they add for increasing the taste and appearance of food are:

  • Artificial Colours
  • Preservatives and Added flavours
  • Fillers
  • Inedible animal by-products like brain, feet or undeveloped eggs.

All these unnatural products in dog food makes the food extremely unhealthy and dogs might suffer from many health issues like increased number of bowel movements, heart stroke or increase in blood sugar level and many more On the other hand,Organic pet foods contains no fillers, and contains ingredients which are rich in antioxidants which benefit the health of a pet.

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As a pet owner, we only want that our pet should be healthy and happy. So keeping that in focus here are few benefits which will help you decide why organic food is the best option for your dog.

1. Less Digestive Disorder:

Easily digestible food like oats, barley and other natural whole grains make a great difference in your dog’s digestive system. Instead of feeding chemical rich food products already present in the market, one should choose natural products. Organic food tastes better than other products. With better bowel movement it also gives a healthy metabolism to the dog.

2. Better health with Longer life:

By providing the best quality organic food, your dog’s health is improvised and also increase the immune level in them. These food gives a great amount of energy with less fat to your fluff ball. It has been noticed that if a good quality food is fed to the dog then it increase their lifespan as much as by 3 years or more. He may also stay young and active for an above average length of time.

3. Reduction in allergies and skin alignment:

Whenever a dog suffers from allergy we tend to use all the products present in the market from sprays to all kind of medications but we hardly see any positive effect on our dog and in the end we have to visit a vet. Feeding premium brand food also leads to allergy in dogs because of artificial colours present in it. Organic food is a natural and chemical free product which reduces the chances of getting your dog allergic. In any case, if they get allergic natural products helps them in combating it. Usually, toxic pesticides present in the food leads to allergy in the dog but going organic will enhance your dog’s immunity to build the resistance against any kind of allergies.

4. Weight Control:

It is a well known fact that being overweight leads to illness, like joint problems, diabetes and organ failure. Overweight is the main problem in pets growth. Growing pets consume way more than the older dogs and feeding them organic food reduces the obesity in them. As it is more nutritional with less fillers. It completely fulfills the need of the pet and keeps them healthy. Mostly, dog food brand add fillers in their food which increases the weight of your dog and doesn’t have any nutrition in it while Organic food is rich in protein and nutrition with no fillers which keeps the dog healthy and energetic.

5. Increased Energy:

Organic foods and natural products might be costly, but if you care for your dog it’s worth the price. With all natural ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables it has high nutrition and minerals. It keeps your dog healthy while ensuring healthy lifestyle. These food provide your pet with all fuel they need for being active and staying physical because they contain larger amounts of nutrient-dense calories.

Be Healthy, Choose Organic!

Happy Pet Parenting

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  • by Tiffany Locke, post on | Reply

    I’m glad this article explains how organic food improves a dog health and provides them with more energy and less fat. This would be useful to help them stay happy and active. When choosing an organic dog food, you’d probably want to research the different brands and let your pet try the healthiest options in order to see which one gives them the most energy and to make sure they enjoy the taste and will eat it.

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