As a company, our mission has always been and will always be ‘Happy Dogs’. And ‘Happy Dogs’ only start with ‘Happy homes’. No, we are not asking you to go out there and buy another Pedigree dog, we are asking you to adopt one, as hundreds of beautiful,loving dogs end up on the roads every year. We have the ability to help these helpless creatures in the time of need because we owe it to these dogs to give them our time, effort and love.
Dogsee Chew is collaborating with one such initiative by Bengaluru opts To Adopt in their latest adoption drive in supporting individual foster parents by supporting the adoption of rescued canines and felines.
We are also giving away free Dogsee Chew treats to all the participants and a 25% discount to all the adopting parents for one year on all the Dogsee Chew products.
You can help us, help dogs by taking part in this drive and adopting one for yourself.
And for the sake of Indie dogs. For the love of dogs in overall. For the bigger acceptance of Indie dogs,  we request you all to tweet about on Sunday with the hashtag – #BengaluruOptsToAdopt. Let’s make this Twitter trend in India and create a history.This will work as awareness campaign for Indie Dogs adoption and will spark similar movements in other parts of the country.

Tweet your dog stories, your experiences and your views. Tweet and create history for our furry friends.


Cuties that are up for adoption