Protein and dogs

There’s no doubt to the fact that dogs need protein. Dogs were primarily carnivores back in the days and protein constituted a major portion of their diet. In fact, it is believed that dogs can survive only with protein. That’s how important protein is to them. However, too much protein can also be dangerous. Hence, it is suggested that you keep track of your dog’s daily protein consumption too.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  There are 22 amino acids. A dog’s body can make only 10 of the 22 amino acids. The rest should be fulfilled from the food they eat. The deficiency of these amino acids over time can lead to health problems. Therefore, it is vital that you choose foods that are good sources of protein and incorporate them in your dog’s daily diet so that their body receives the other amino acids that they require.

Benefits of having protein in your dog’s diet

  1. Protein helps in maintaining and repairing cells and other tissues.
  2. It helps and supports the immune system.
  3. It makes hormones, antibodies and enzymes.
  4. Protein also can be a calorie source to fuel your dog’s energy levels.

Amount of protein required by dogs

It is generally believed that dogs need 1 gm to 2 gm of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Hence, the amount of protein required for your dog depends on their ideal body weight and thus is not the same for all dogs. A German Shepherd pup may have different protein requirement that an adult German Shepherd. Similarly, a two-year old St. Bernard may have different protein requirement than a two-year old Golden Retriever.

Best high-protein source for your dog.

Dogsee Chew, a Yak Cheese based dental bars and training treats for your dogs, contains 59% protein. It contains 9 of the 10 required amino acids for dogs, thus making it a perfect complementary treat for your dogs. The high-protein dental chews are long lasting and thus will last for hours or even for a day or two while also continuously nourishing your dogs with the protein in them.

Dogsee Tip:

Do hydrate your dog when on a high-protein diet. The protein metabolism requires plenty of water and you can supplement the water needs also with high-water fruits and veggies.

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