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5 Essential Elements To Include in Your Dog’s Balanced Diet

Choosing the right diet for your pet can sometimes turn out to be a confusing task. Especially if you’ve spent hours sorting through the numerous brands in the supermarket and are trying to decipher their ingredient labels. With some current trends like grain and gluten-free thrown in, it can surely seem overwhelming. We wrote this […]

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Protein and dogs There’s no doubt to the fact that dogs need protein. Dogs were primarily carnivores back in the days and protein constituted a major portion of their diet. In fact, it is believed that dogs can survive only with protein. That’s how important protein is to them. However, too much protein can also […]

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The Benefits Of Yak Cheese in Your Dog’s Diet

THE BENEFITS OF YAK CHEESE IN YOUR DOG’S DIET In the land of the Himalayas, a unique shaggy-haired creature has its home. These animals, known as the yak are integral to the people living in the region. Not only do they provide milk, meat and hide but are also an indispensable part of the Himalayan […]

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