Category: Training & Behavior

Phases Of Training And The Role Of Training Treats For Dogs

If you think nutrition and exercise are the only basic needs of your dog, then think again. Training and socialization are also equally important needs that should be met. When it comes to training your dog, the earlier you start, the better. Dog training can seem like an elaborate project and quite daunting at first. […]

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A Complete Guide To Keeping Your Dogs Mentally Stimulated

Physical and mental stimulation are important aspects of your dog’s mental health. While physical stimulation is something which dogs get in ample quantities, mental stimulation is sometimes overlooked. Most vets and pet behaviorists agree on the fact that stimulating a dog’s mind and encouraging them to try out new things ultimately leads to a fulfilled […]

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Getting Dog Training Right

How excited are you to a see your new furry buddy in your house! They will melt you with their cuteness and curiosity and no doubt they will fill your life up with infinite amounts of joy and love. We as pet parents have a few duties towards our little ones, apart from providing them […]

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