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Heart Touching Celebrity Pet Adoption Stories

Raising awareness for rescue pets is what Dogsee chew is all about. If you think celebrities were made only to bask in the glitz and glam of their fame, think again. Here’s a roundup of some of your favorite celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, who’ve proved themselves as ‘true stars’, by shunning away from buying pups so that they can rescue and adopt.

1. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

We loved him in Deadpool and now we love him for being such a sweet human being. Ryan Reynolds fell in love with his now pup ‘Baxter’, when he was looking for a dog for his friend. He believes that they’ve been best buds ever since they laid their eyes on each other. Now that makes us go, pawww!

dog adoption stories

2. Kirsten Belle and Lola, Sadie and Mr.Shakes

Kristen Bell, who received appreciation for lending her voice to ‘Anna’ in Frozen, has earned a paw-riffic applause from us for rescuing three adorable mutts (Lola, Sadie and Mr.Shakes) and giving them a loving home. Amazingly, she rescued one of her dogs while in New Orleans, when aiding with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Kudos to you Kirsten Bell!

pet adoption stories

3. Sonakshi Sinha with Nancy

The Dabbang actress has always loved animals and began rescuing them at a very young age.  She saved her late pup, ‘Nancy,’ from a construction site, where the rest of the pup’s family had died. The two were inseparable for the next 14 years, as Nancy remained Sonkashi Sinha’s devoted companion till the very end.

celebrity dog adoption stories

4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Leah

The ever charming captain cool, has won us over yet again, but not on the cricket pitch as he usually does. This time, Dhoni bowled us over with his humanity and generous spirit as he adopted a 100% desi dog named ‘Leah’ from a rescue shelter.


5. Bradley Cooper with Samson and Charlotte

When Bradley Cooper is not busy making us swoon over his dashing good looks, he is spending quality time with his lovable rescues – Samson and Charlotte. He saved Samson, a German short-haired pointer, who he saw on a kill shelter site and picked up Charlotte in an adoption drive. On many occasions, Cooper has admitted that his pups have made him a better person and believes that he really lucked out by saving his two rescues.

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6. Kapil Sharma with Zanjeer

Who knew this famous comedian also had an immense love for animals? Zanjeer, a retired police dog that was abandoned, was rescued by Kapil Sharma. He was then introduced as a new addition to the family, which already consists of a number of such abandoned animals and birds. Kapil Sharma is so close to his pup that he even takes his trusted companion on the sets of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, where Zanjeer soon became everyone’s favorite.


This list doesn’t even begin to cover all the celebrities, who are doing amazing things to help out rescue animals and rescue shelters. So even though we haven’t included all of them in this list, we’d like to tip our hats to them! For all those inspired, on reading this, to do your bit and adopt a pup, Bangalore Opts to Adopt has started a lovely initiative where a number of cuties are waiting for a loving home.

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