20 Sep

CEO for Reliance Group Oil & Gas, Dr. AK Balyan Joins Dogsee’s Board

Dr. A.K. Balyan, CEO for Oil & Gas, Reliance ADAG Group, has joined as the member of the Board of Natural Dog Treat Company, Dogsee Chew.

Dr. AK Balyan Joins Dogsee's Board

Dr. Balyan is a prominent business leader with over 40 years of experience in the oil & gas and manufacturing industry. He was earlier Director on the board of ONGC and later led Petronet LNG Limited as the MD & CEO besides being on the board of several companies. Dr. Balyan is an avid dog lover and a proud dog parent.

Dogsee Chew is India’s first and the only natural dog treat manufacturer, having two product lines – Dogsee Chew (100% natural chews made from yak milk in the Himalayas) and Dogsee Bites (healthy and high quality human grade cookies).

On joining the startup Board, Dr. Balyan says, “I feel great to be a part of Dogsee as one of the fastest-growing all-natural brand for pet treats in India and abroad. There is an increasing awareness and preference among people for going all-natural for themselves and their pets.

As a pet parent he adds, “Dogsee Chew has a great story along with a wonderful product line up, and I believe in their vision to become the most preferred brand in the world which actually thinks about the quality and purity of food for pets.

The CEO of Dogsee ChewBhupendra Khanal, is excited about Dr. Balyan joining the team. He was quoted saying, “Having Dr. Balyan on our board is an honour to the company and a great validity to our company’s vision. The Dogsee Chew team is very excited to have him with us, and we are now more confident in our vision of creating a 100% all-natural and pure living possible for our pets.

The company has raised an angel fund last year and is now in talks with investors to raise Series A. They are also in the process of setting up an office in the United Kingdom and plan to be fully operational there in the next 2 months.

The company is also partnering with PetFed 2017, Asia’s largest Pet Carnival as its main sponsor. PetFed will take place in Delhi and Mumbai, in December this year.

About Dogsee:

Dogsee is India’s first and only manufacturer of 100% Natural, Healthy and Human Grade Dog Treats. The company produces Dogsee Chew (Chews from Yak Milk) and Dogsee Bites (human grade cookies), handcrafted in the Himalayas and untampered by any modern intervention. All their products are free from chemicals and preservatives.

Dogsee Chew is currently sold in India through 500+ retailers, with its presence in 24 states. These products are also sold in Singapore, UK, U.S., Canada and a few other countries.

Visit the website http://www.dogseechew.com or log on to Amazon.in to order the perfect treat for your canine friend.

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