Dogsee chew enters Goa via Mascot Pet Shop

No more worrying about healthy food for your Pet! India’s first ever 100% organic dog food treats, Dogsee chew, comes to GOA!

Dogsee chew

Dogsee chew products are highly nutritious, gluten free, with fibre and moisture which makes your dog healthy with better digestion, balanced sugar levels, strong teeth and higher immunity. These products keep your dog free from 3 major problems: tartar, plaque and allergies. Made from all natural ingredients, your dog can now enjoy these tasty healthy treats and lead a long healthy life.

Dogsee chew offers an innovative product range comprising: 

  1.  Dogsee Puffies: “A soft and crispy popcorn” for your dog.
  2. Dogsee Chew Nuggets: “A superior snack” that provides ideal nutrition at all stages of your dog’s life.
  3. Dogsee Chew Bars: “Long lasting hard bar chews” that are excellent for your dog’s oral health.

On Goa launch, Dogsee Chew CEO Bhupendra Khanal said, “Goa’s delectable food is now extended to its Pet dogs as well! We are excited to bring Dogsee Chew’s Healthy Organic treats to Goa’s pets, who are surely going to love munching on them.”

Dogsee chew is launching in Goa through

  • Mascot pet shop.
  • Puppy love
  • Mandovi Pet clinic

Mascot Pet Shop founder, Sagar Badakere says’ “We are very happy to be the medium for bringing to Goa, Dogsee Chew, the best 100% Organic Dog treats available. As Dog lovers, it is exciting for us to see such a genuine product that is sure to make our dogs healthy and live a long life by our sides.”

Dogsee Chew is formed for the love for dogs and completely focuses on the health and wellbeing of pets. The products come highly recommended by Veterinary Doctors, Pet Parents and Dog trainers!

 Dr Praveen – Canfel Pet Clinic, Hyderabad, says:

Dogsee Chew is a natural product…… no chemicals and preservatives added. I have tried this product for my own pets and they loved the flavour and readily accepted this as a snack/treat.

I did not find any tummy upsets or dogs having trouble digesting this milk product..….and I recommend this as an excellent treat for all Dogs. I see my dogs enjoying them without any side effects…….I have not come across any untoward incident in the last 2-3 months that I have been using this Product for my pets.

To know more about Dogsee Chew and its products, please contact

1st floor, Nandi Infotech,
ITPL Main Road,
Bangalore- 560048
[email protected]

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