Dogsee Chew launched in Shimla!

Shimla’s pet dogs can now rejoice! Something healthy and yummy is coming their way.

Dogsee Chew, India’s best Vegetarian Organic Treats for dogs, is now retailing in Shimla! Touted as ‘The best Dental Treats for dogs’, these products are highly nutritious and help strengthen your dog’s immune system and improve digestion.

organic treats for dogs

The company currently sells three kinds of treats:

  1. Dogsee Chew Puffies: These are soft crunchy popcorn like treats.
  2. Dogsee Chew Nuggets: Tasty bite sized chews that need to be microwaved to puff them up.
  3. Dogsee Chew Long Bars: These are long lasting hard bar chews made from hardened cheese and are excellent for keeping your Dog’s teeth and gums healthy and free from diseases.

On Shimla launch, Rajat Thakur (Director for Business Development, Dogsee Chew) said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring Dogsee Chew to Shimla. Our products are 100% Organic and are made from all natural ingredients. These are genuine, healthy products and we truly want every pet dog to benefit from it! ”

The products are available in Shimla through New Bemloe Store. Mr. Varun Sood (Founder-New Bemloe Store) says:

“We cannot be happier to be the distributors of Dogsee Chew, the best dog treat products in the market today. It is very rare to find commercial dog treats that are healthy as well, and Dogsee Chew is just that, a ‘treat’ that’s healthy too!”

So, pet parents in Shimla, what are you waiting for? Hurry to the address below to get these amazing products for your precious pets!

New Bemloe store,
Shimla Bemloe,
Wilder cottage,
Near Industrial department,
Himachal Pradesh – 171001

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