Dogsee Chew Makes Strategic Investment in India’s first Dog Cafe – TherPup

Bangalore, 14th September: Bangalore based Dog Cafe, TherPUP received strategic investment from Organic Dog Food Company – Dogsee Chew. TherPup is India’s first Dog Cafe with 8 in-house dogs of different breeds and ages.

Dogsee Chew Makes Strategic Investment in TherPup

Started 3 months back, TherPup launched country’s first Dog Menu comprising of starters, main course and desserts specially tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of the dogs.

Founded by Ex-Quikr Engineer Ankur Jain and Ex- Marriott Executive Vinayak Chaturvedi, TherPUP Cafe is one of its kind that houses its own resident dogs, and are open to pets, pet parents and everyone who love dogs. Located at Whitefield in Bangalore, TherPUP is able to provide a unique twist to the café experience. Visitors can walk into the cafe for a relaxing therapy session with the playful pups.

TherPUP is an oasis for all the fellow dog lovers who cannot afford to have a dog as pet. They can go there and enjoy delicious food with a company of loving dogs maintained by TherPUP.

Bhupendra Khanal, CEO and Founder of Dogsee Chew, says, “We are very excited about the collaboration as TherPUP is a new and unique concept, and we greatly believe in the idea of a Dog Cafe. Both Dogsee Chew and TherPUP have joined hands to further the research in dog food, dog behaviour and dog nutrition.”

The specialized dog menu by TherPUP includes nutritious food items which are freshly cooked at the cafe. Some of the best selling items include: Chicken Americano, Meaty-Puff crunch and Milky Melon Pup-cicles . Pet owners are free to order anything off the menu for their dogs or the dogs at the cafe.

Founder Ankur Jain says, “ Dogsee Chew itself is a great concept and we are thrilled to collaborate with them. With this joint synergy we plan to build a place for all the pet parents and pet lovers where they can come, relax and play with dogs.”

Co-founder Vinayak Chaturvedi says, “Both Dogsee Chew and TherPUP are about love for dogs and love for food. This makes us natural partners.”

Following this investment, Dogsee Chew’s CEO Bhupendra joins the TherPup Board of Directors.

About Dogsee Chew:

Dogsee Chew is the India’s first and only all natural Dog treat company. These treats are Vegetarian, 100% Organic and Preservative free, and are made in the Himalayas from Yak Milk. These products come highly recommended by veterinarians and pet parents alike. The Company Currently Retails Four Products: All organic and Natural Puffies, Nuggets, Long Bars and Puffy Bars.

About TherPUP:

They are very Dog Cafe in Bangalore. TherPUP is for dogs and their owners & also for people who cannot keep a pet dog due to some reason. You can spend pawsome time playing with in-house fur buddies and enjoy the delicious snacks provided in Cafe. The café houses its own resident dogs, providing them with the utmost love and care.

For more information, you can contact:

Diwakar Yadav, Director at Dogsee Chew.

Ph: 91-9686947616

Email: [email protected]

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