23 Jun

Dogsee Chew pledges for a Stray free India by 2025

Dogsee comes up with a pawsome idea to control stray dog population.

While India’s stray dog population is reaching an all time high, we being one of India’s leading healthy and all Natural Dog treat manufacturer, chose a unique path to make India Stray free by 2025. We have partnered with  Bengaluru Opts To Adopt (BOTA) and Voice Of Stray Dogs (VOSD) to make sure that we get 1000 stray dogs adopted in the country in this fiscal year and aim to make the country stray dog free in another 8 years.

adoption is truly pawsome

Why this Initiative?

Researches show that in the year 2016, the estimation of abandoned and stray dogs crossed 30 millions in India with 1.5 Lakhs alone in Bangalore. Stray dogs have also become the biggest source of spreading rabies in humans. According to the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, India alone accounts for 35% of rabies deaths per year, with a figure of 57 deaths per day.

Some state governments routinely declare spaying and culling campaigns to curb this menace, but is that the only solution?

According to our CEO Mr. Bhupendra Khanal, “Adoption is one of the best ways to reduce reckless breeding by providing more stray dogs with a loving home and family to call their own”. He also pointed out that the company has already spent around 6 Lacs for this purpose and promises to increase the budget in the coming years.  

common myths surrounding dog adoption

Why Adopt Indie (stray) Dogs?

  • Indie dogs are better suited to Indian weather and living conditions
  • To reduce discriminatory breeding practices  
  • A lower susceptibility to the health issues as seen in imported or purebred dogs
  • To reduce road accidents, attacks, damage to public and private property
  • Lower costs involved in healthcare, nutrition

Dispelling some common myths surrounding dog adoption:

If one argues that a stray dog is not as affectionate as a purebred one, try feeding a few dogs on the road and look at their wagging tails. If they can show such affection for a stranger, imagine the love they are capable of when they are taken care of. Love is not defined by fur or shape, it is about the relationship you develop.

idea to control stray dog populationOur sole purpose of joining hands with these popular dog adoption centers is to  enlighten people about a better way of controlling stray dog population.

There are many who take drastic steps like dog poisoning to control the menace, but why look at extreme options when we can solve this problem with love.

We hope to see a stray free world soon. Look forward to your support. Write to us at [email protected] to show your solidarity!

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  • by Jeni Sutton, post on | Reply

    Hi there

    I loved reading your story and wanted to let you know how amazing this focus and energy is on helping reeducate and rehome Indian strays. I have been searching for a dog to adopt from India ( I live in the UK) and I would love to hear more about your efforts and if you are running an international rehoming programme? Kind regards Jeni Sutton

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