13 Apr

Dogsee Chew wins SuperStartUp of 2016-2017 Award

Dogsee Chew recently emerged winner at the Startup Summit in Delhi, where they won the Superbrands ‘SuperStartup’ of the 2016-2017 awards. Superbrands, started in London, identify brands that have maintained the highest standards of product integrity and brand development; also winning consumer trust. The winners are chosen on the basis of various categories, and only companies scoring exceptionally high are given this honor. Dogsee Chew is the only Indian startup to have won the Superbrands honor. They were voted the most popular startup by all the netizens across the country and also were the highest rated among its competitors.

Bhupendra Khanal wins super startup award

Responding to this news, the CEO Bhupendra Khanal was thrilled and said, “We are happy to be the first and only SuperStartup from India in the Pet Industry. This has been a great validation for our products and belief of high quality and human grade food products for dogs. I would like to personally thank everyone who has been part of the Dogsee journey and especially thank the consumers who voted for us to and took us to the top.”

A journey that began in the year 2015 has seen immense growth in just a span of 18 months. Dogsee Chew founded by Bhupendra Khanal, a techie & founder left his analytics company Simplify360 to follow his passion ‘Love for dogs’ and started Dogsee Chew. Having discovered how healthy Churpi (an ancient Nepali human food) is for dogs while on a trek in Nepal, he founded, ‘Dogsee Chew’ a couple of months later.

Dogsee Chew as a business aims to revolutionize dog food globally, not aiming for profitability, but creating awareness, and developing natural treats that all dogs will devour without any health worries.

“The future of Dogsee looks extremely promising. We are already present in 5 countries, but we’re planning on expanding to many more, and also add more products to our portfolio this year. The mission of healthy food for dogs is going to go global,” comments Bhupendra, CEO Dogsee Chew.

 Congratulations to the team!!!

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