Dogsee Chew is your answer to creating a positive difference in your pet’s health and wellbeing. In today’s age when every pet food or treat is heavily laden with by-products, preservatives and artificial additives, we wanted to give the dogs a treat which is natural & primal – something that’s awesome for their health but is tasty too. This search of ours led us to one of the oldest & most natural human treat ‘Churpi’.

Churpi or Dogsee Chew Bars/Nuggets are long lasting chews that people in Nepal & Himalayan range have been chewing on for centuries. Made from Yak milk cheese, this chew is high on protein, multivitamin & calcium. We took this time-tested human grade chew and did a thorough research to understand it’s benefits & uses for dogs. Rest as they say is history – we pioneered a dog treat that’s completely natural, gluten free, 100% human grade (in fact, is a human food originally) and loaded with proteins & calcium.

Our marquee products are sourced from the best of manufacturers and suppliers of the Himalayan range – Nepal and Darjeeling. The products are made, as they have always been traditionally made, un-tampered by any modern intervention. The Yak and Cows are free range, they graze in natural Himalayan pastures and drink the sweet waters that the mountains have to offer. All our products are Human Grade which means ‘food grade’, ‘edible’, or fit for human consumption.


Yak/cow milk is the base ingredient which is then coagulated by using a small amount of lime juice and a pinch of salt. These are then given the shape of bars, sun dried as well as smoke dried to perfection.

Cow Milk

Yak Milk


Pinch of Salt


A Protein-rich Natural Dental Hygiene Treat

Dogsee Chew dental bars are 100% natural, gluten-free, calcium rich, ready-to-eat human grade treats. Specially made with hardened Yak milk cheese, these Himalayan chews provide your dog with protein rich nutrition and are delicious to eat. These long lasting snacks keep your dog engaged for longer with most dogs taking upto a week to finish the bar.


  • Over 60% Protein and less than 1% Fat content
  • Maintains and promotes Dental Health
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages

Dogsee Chew long lasting dental bars are healthy and also help in treating plaque and tartar in dogs.


Puffies for your fluffies

Dogsee Chew Energy puffies are a crunchy & tasty snack for growing puppies. These are small, puffed up bite-sized treats which can be directly given to your dog. They are rich in protein with less carbs and easy to digest. The cheesy flavour is retained & is extremely delicious in taste.


  • No preservatives
  • Gluten- free
  • Not too harsh on teeth and gums

Dogsee Chew Energy Puffies is a wholesome treat with no binding agent and is rich in multivitamins.


Natural goodness for your growing puppies

Growing puppies need extra care and wholesome food during their development stage – the overall health and growth of a puppy depends on the nutrition given to them in their growing stage. Dogsee Chew offers Crunchies, an all – healthy and natural dog treat for growing puppies. These strips are rich in calcium, and ensure the healthy growth of your pet.


  • Great taste
  • Rich in minerals and proteins
  • Can be given to puppies as young as 60 days

Dogsee Chew Crunchies are natural, healthy and a wholesome- nutritious treat enjoyed by both growing puppies as well as adult dogs


Cheesy healthy bars for happy dogs

Puffy Bars are puffed up Dogsee Chew bars that are ideal for dogs who like softer and crunchier treats. It is an all-natural, calcium supplement for dogs, which enhances positive bone growth and muscle strengthening in growing puppies. Easily digestible, these puffy bars keep your dog’s body healthy & ensures they suffer from no stomach related health issues.


  • Low in Carbs & Rich in Multivitamins
  • Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Enjoyed by dogs of all sizes and age

Dogsee Chew Puffy Bars come with natural multivitamins that keep your dog healthy and make their bones stronger.