08 Aug

Dogsee Natural Himalayan Treats Available on Amazon Prime in USA

After having launched their interesting products in the USA last year, Dogsee, one of the world’s leading Yak milk based treats manufacturers, is now available on Amazon Prime. You can now order and get these healthy, natural, gluten free treats delivered to your home in less than a day.

Dogsee manufactures a wide range of healthy products suited to the taste and health of dogs of all ages and breeds. It currently has two ranges of treats: Dogsee Chew treats and Dogsee Bites cookies. Dogsee Chew treats are made of traditional Himalayan yak cheese recipes for a wholesome grain-free and gluten-free natural choice which do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Dogsee Bites features human-grade cookies made from well-researched recipes with real fruits and vegetables and devoid of any artificial sweeteners that one can even share while feeding it to their dog.

The motive of Dogsee Chew is to provide gluten/grain free, vegetarian treats to dogs globally for an increasingly aware pet parent base across the world. All Dogsee Chew products are handcrafted in the Himalayas and are made from pure yak milk. Currently, Dogsee is India’s first and only manufacturer of yak cheese treats for dogs. After successfully launching in the international market, Dogsee is now going a step further by launching its products through Amazon Prime in the USA through its partner Olympia Industries to make its products more accessible.

Products under Dogsee Chew treats include:

  1. Dental Bars
  2. Energy Puffies
  3. Multivitamin Nuggets
  4. Long Dental Bars
  5. Calcium Puffy Bars
  6. Calcium Puffy Strips

Sourced directly from the upper Himalayas, Dogsee Chew products provide a well-rounded healthy snack-time for dogs that is both rich in protein and less on carbs. Traditionally made without being tampered by any modern intervention, Dogsee Chew treats are produced from hardened cheese (Churpi) made with the milk of free range Himalayan Yaks and Cows. These hard chews come highly recommended by veterinary doctors for dental care and they not only work as nutritional supplement but also an effective dental chew. Dogsee Chew works wonders in removing plaque and tartar and improve gum strength.

Dogsee Chew, as a brand, aims to revolutionize dog food globally. In a disturbingly unregulated market which is dominated by mass-produced products like rawhides and kibble containing heavy amounts of chemicals and preservatives, it wishes to create more awareness and develop treats that all dogs can happily devour without any health worries. Including Dogsee treats in your dog’s diet helps to increase their immunity and give them a better quality of life.

To know more, visit their website: https://dogseechew.com and to buy the product please visit this Amazon Prime link.

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