Dogseechew is Now in Andhra Pradesh!

India’s first ever 100% organic dog treats, Dogsee chew, is now available in Andhra Pradesh too!

dogsee chew treats

Dogsee chew products are unprocessed and come all the way from Himalayas. They are highly nutritious, gluten free and organic. The products are pro at fighting any kind of allergies, tartar and plaque.

Being organic and all natural, the products are great at strengthening your dog’s immune and digestive system. Our customers are very happy with the products as their dog’s love chewing on Dogsee Chew bars.

We have a wide range of dog chews, they are:

1. Dogsee Chew Puffies: “A soft and crispy popcorn” for your dog.
2. Dogsee Chew Nuggets: “A Superior Snack” which provides ideal Nutrition at all stages of your dog’s life.
3. Dogsee Chew Bars: “Long lasting hard bar chews” that are excellent for your dog’s oral Health.

On Andhra Pradesh’s launch, Dogsee Chew’s CEO Bhupendra Khanal said, “I’m thrilled about our products being launched in Andhra. I as a dog owner, recommend Dogsee Chew to every pet owner as it not  only keeps your dog happy and occupied but also prevents plaque and tartar from building up

 Dr B. G. Venkataswarlu, Lyka pet clinic, Dindigal, says “My lab loved the treats and I cannot be happier to collaborate with one of the best and healthiest dog treats provider in India”.

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