17 Jun

Easy Dog Grooming Tips

Does your dog have a wavy, curly, silky or long coat? Yes? Then there is a good chance that he will require a hair clipping routine to be inculcated in his grooming schedule. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t long, it is still advisable to get his fur trimmed, especially during summer!

Trimming will not only lessen the chance of tangles but will also reduce flea infestation, thereby reducing any risk of skin infections. It will also help your pet stay clean and cooler during long, hot summers.


Tips for Dog Grooming at home:

1. Comb out your dog first:

A thorough combing is always the first step of grooming. Doing it on a daily basis will help keep matted fur at bay. Begin from the head and then move down the body. Remember to be extra careful under the belly area, as it is a sensitive zone, and don’t forget to comb the tail. If you find a tangle while combing, try and work it out with a brush. But be mindful not to brush burn your dog by brushing for too long in the same spot.


 2. Praise your dog as you’re brushing him:

If your dog is calm during the entire grooming process, always reward his quiet behaviour to encourage more of it. Try and include treats or chews to reward his good behaviour. You can also give him long lasting dog chews in order to keep him relaxed and entertained during the entire grooming process.


3. Cut out mats that can’t be brushed out.

Severe matting can cause the skin to be pulled if the dog moves while brushing, making it painful for him. If the matted fur is too thick to be brushed out, you can either cut it off or shave it off.


4. Brush your dog’s teeth.

Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth every day. Make sure you use dog toothpaste and not human toothpaste, as the latter contains fluoride which is poisonous for your dog. If your dog tries to bite you while you’re brushing his teeth, stop and give him a break to calm down.


5. Clip the dog’s nails

Your dog’s nails can curl up under his paw pads if they are left untrimmed for too long. These curled nails can twist the toes and cause joint damage. Clip your pet’s paws regularly, depending on how fast his nails grow. If you can hear his toenails hitting the floor when he walks or runs on the ground, it means they are too long and it’s time to clip them.


6. Shampoo his fur

Pick a shampoo for your dog depending on the length of his fur. Dog skin is different from human skin; ensure that the shampoo you are using is mild, so as to avoid any kind of skin irritation. Remember to rinse well as any shampoo residue can cause irritations.


As every dog has different grooming needs, consult a veterinarian for dog grooming tips specific to your pup.

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