17 May

Guidelines For Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

For most pet owners, cleaning their dog’s teeth isa herculean task. Dogs, unlike human beings, are not prone to cavities but they may develop some problems such as tartar, plaque build-up, gingivitis, etc. Dental hygiene problems can also lead to fatal infections. By having clean teeth, your canines can have good health and this also boosts their happiness and longevity. The quality of your pet dog’s health and life could be improved by religiously following certain guidelines. The steps are pretty easy to follow and we assure you that your pet won’t have any problems during these dental hygiene sessions and if you don’t want to visit a dentist/ vet for your pet, you can opt for Dental Chews For Dogs.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Get the right toothpaste and toothbrush

There are a wide variety of toothbrushes of different shapes and sizes available for dogs in the market. Don’t go for regular human brushes, but if you wish to you can use children’s toothbrush or finger brushes. It is preferable to use brushes with softer bristles. Similarly, don’t use regular human toothpaste for your pet. Be sure to use toothpaste that contain dog-friendly flavors and ingredients.

choose the right time for cleaning

  1. Start early

The famous proverb-“catch them young” applies to the brushing of dog’s teeth as well. As soon as the puppy is weaned off the mother’s milk, you must start brushing its teeth regularly.

clean teeth by moving brush in circular

  1. Choose the right time for cleaning

It is better to brush your dog’s teeth when it is calm and relaxed. Setting a routine of brushing its teeth daily is ideal.

dog habituated to toothbrush

  1. Get your pet’s gums ready

Mostly dogs tend to avoid brushing their teeth as they can’t tolerate the pressure of the brush on their gums. Hence, try to rub their gums with a piece of cloth wrapped around your finger, to make them accustomed to the pressure.

get professional cleaning done for its

  1. Make him taste the toothpaste

Due to the unfamiliar taste of toothpaste, dogs may not like to have their teeth brushed. Therefore, it is better to first make them lick some toothpaste from your fingers for a few days. Once it is used to the taste, you can start brushing its teeth.
make him taste the toothpaste

  1. Get him habituated to toothbrush

When your puppy allows you to open and touch its mouth, from that time start using both toothpaste and toothbrush.
get your pets gum ready

  1. Clean teeth by moving brush in circular motion

It is necessary to brush your dog’s teeth in acircular motion as the brush cleans teeth and reaches the gum line. Massaging the gums with the bristles clears away the plaque.

get the right toothpaste and

  1. Use cloth or chew toys

If your dog is uncooperative then get its gum line used to the pressure by using your finger wrapped in a piece of cloth and some toothpaste to gently massage and clean his teeth. In addition you can give it a chew toy for getting rid of soft tartar.

start brushing your dog at early age

  1. Get professional cleaning done for its teeth

A regular dental check-up is a must for your pet dog for good oral health.


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