Healthy Dog Treats now launched in Nagpur

Dogsee chew products are all natural, gluten-free healthy treats for dogs. They are unprocessed and are sourced from the Himalayas and hence retain all their nutrients. They are extremely beneficial for your dog’s immune system as well as dental health.

healthy dog treats

These products keep your dog free from 3 major problems.


Your dogs would never get bored with Dogsee chew treats as they come in 3 yummy varieties:

  1. Dogsee Chew Puffies: “A soft and crispy popcorn” for your dog.
  2. Dogsee Chew Nuggets: “A Superior Snack” which provides ideal Nutrition at all stages of your dog’s life.
  3. Dogsee Chew Bars: “Long lasting hard bar chews” that are excellent for your dog’s oral Health.

On Nagpur Launch, Dogsee Chew CEO Bhupendra Khanal said,

Himalayan recipe of dog treats is now shared with Nagpur’s pets too! We are excited to bring Dogsee Chew’s Healthy Organic treats for pets in Nagpur, who are surely going to love munching on them.”

Abhay jodh of Ahills pet shop, Nagpur says,

“I am very happy with the way our dogs enjoy Dogsee Chew treats! They just keep munching on them all the time! We are glad that we collaborated with Dogsee Chew as its products are all natural and very good for dogs!”

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Are you looking for tasty heathy treats for your dog? Buy these healthy dog treats for you pup and watch him relish them. We have 1. Long Lasting Dog Chews 2. Microwaved Crunchy treats 3. Microwaveable Nuggets 4.Bars for dogs 5. Nuggets from Himalayas 6. Puffies for puppies

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