High Quality Human Grade Dogsee Bites from Dogsee Chew

Bangalore, 17th December 2016: Dogsee Chew, a Bangalore-based leading manufacturer and exporter of Dog treats, launched Dogsee Bites cookies for dogs. The new Dogsee Bites products will be available pan India through their e-commerce website, www.dogseechew.com as well as retailers and wholesellers

High Quality Human Grade Dogsee Bites from Dogsee Chew

These treats are human grade. Made with natural ingredients, real veggies & fruits, and available in various flavours to suit your dog’s taste preferences, like: Banana, yoghurt, orange, pumpkin, carrot, peanuts etc. These are wholesome treats you can feel good about giving your dog. And while you are at it, you can also eat one or two.

The ingredients used in these cookies are widely known to be extremely nutritious and can be considered as a dog’s “Super Food”. These ingredients have been wisely curated together into different flavours which your pooches can really enjoy. Dogsee Bites are rich in nutrients namely dietary fibers and vitamin A, C, Iron, Potassium and many more.

The company currently retails 4 different flavours of Dogsee Bites:

  1. Dogsee Bites Milk and Carrot Cookies – For Strong Bones
  2. Dogsee Bites Peanut Butter Cookies – For Healthy and Shiny Fur.
  3. Pumpkin and Cinnamon Cookies – Natural Deworming Treats.
  4. Banana & Yoghurt Cookies – For Enhanced Immunity

Bhupendra Khanal, CEO of Dogsee reveals, “We are very excited to bring Dogsee Bites cookies to India. As we believe good dogs deserve the best treats!”.

Diwakar Yadav, Director at Dogsee says, “The level of enthusiasm we see among pet parents for our products is humbling. We are happy to introduce innovative and high-quality Dogsee Bites cookies in the market.”

About Dogsee

Dogsee is India’s first and the only all natural Dog treat company. These treats are Vegetarian, 100% Organic and Preservative free, and are made in the Himalayas from Yak Milk.

These products come highly recommended by veterinarians and pet parents alike. The company currently retails six products: All organic and Natural Dental Chew Bars, Energy Puffies, Multivitamin Nuggets, Long Dental Bars, Calcium Puffy Bars and Puffy Strips.

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