17 Nov

How Long Will Your Dog Live?

Chances are, Your Dog is Going to Die Early.

The life expectancy of any normal dog is anywhere between 8-16 years but there is a much higher probability of your dog dying during 8 to 10 years age or even younger. Obviously, various breeds have various life spans majorly where majorly the larger breeds outlive the smaller ones but the average life expectancy of all dogs has also further reduced in recent times, much like us humans.

How long will your dog live

Various studies have suggested overtime that one of the most important aspects of life expectancy in dogs is ‘Nutrition’. If you have been lazy in assessing and providing for your dog’s nutrition, chances are you are preparing yourself to let him go sooner. As a dog owner and parent, one has to realize that raising a good healthy dog is not just all tricks and treats but it is a lot of hard work. If you are going to feed him over the counter dog food products, you might as well just feed him poison. These dog foods are the worst thing that you can give to your dog. Years of brainwashing our minds with imagery and communication led us to thinking into the fact that these products are meant to give your pup the perfect health and shiny hair but just like most of our ads, these are just baseless promises. Here are the details of how these dog food products are trying to con you.

Now that we have known what Nutrition for dogs shouldn’t be, it’s time to get into the facts of what it should be. What should you feed your dog that it ensures a healthy life for them and also a longer one at that.

1. The Meals

Your dog eats anywhere between 2 to 3 times a day and if you feed him the same packed content every time, we must tell you it’s not as healthy as the manufacturers make it to be. Take kibble or dry dog food for example. The ingredients (mostly corn and ground meat) are heated to a very high temperature and turned into a sort of grey mulch. It tastes so foul it has to be sprayed with fat to make it palatable to dogs. It is like fast food for dogs. The cheaper the food, the cheaper the ingredients and the worse the nutrition. Always read the label before buying.

What are the better options? Try home cooked meats and veggies. Wholesome people food or human grade food is good for dogs.

2. The Treats

The fact about most store bought treats are that you can never be sure about their claims. The chemical laden treats are one of the worst things you can give to your dog. If they are not human grade and FDA approved, chances are they are the worst type that you can give to your dog. So, what are your options when you are checking for treats – DIY at home or always buy products that are made from natural ingredients, are organic and Human grade.

Alongside nutrition, there are many other facts that you should be considering to help your dog live a long and healthy life. Daily walks, wellness checkups and constant grooming cannot be discounted. So, make conscious choices that can help you and your dog live a perfect long life.

Happy Parenting!

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    Hi Balaji,
    Human-Grade refers to the quality of a finished product. The term applies to a product that is legally suitable and approved for consumption by a person.

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