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How to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny

When we speak about the overall health and well-being of a dog we speak about nutrition, hygiene and grooming. One of the main indicators of good health in a dog is its coat. A dull coat is never a good sign. It could be the result of a poor diet or improper grooming. A shiny clean coat, on the other hand, indicates a healthy well-nurtured dog. Having a clean, shiny, well-kept coat is a major part of dog health and grooming. Therefore, we as pet parents should do everything in our power to maintain a healthy coat.

It is a misconception that the more you bathe your dog the better, but that is not the case. Animals with fur do not require to be bathed as much, daily bathing could actually do more harm than good. For a coat to be shiny it has to be healthy both from outside as well as inside. Often, people tend to focus more on external care but nutrition plays a very important role as well. Here are a few ways to help you maintain a healthy coat for your little one:

Keep Dogs Coat Healthy and Shiny

1- Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy, shiny coat starts on the inside. Diet and nutrition play a huge role in this, there are some foods that are needed for dogs to stay healthy. Make sure your little one has a balanced diet in place according to their size and age. Food or supplements rich in omega-3 fish oils help in decreasing shedding, drying and flaking. Raw eggs are a great source of nutrition for dogs as they provide ample amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil is another great supplement to feed your dogs as it helps hydrate your dog’s skin. Apart from these, a proper balanced nutritious diet is necessary to have a healthy, nourished coat. Always consult your veterinarian before you make any drastic changes in your dog’s diet.

2- Consider using oils

Application of some oils such as coconut oil can help keep your pup’s skin well-moisturised and also help reduce skin irritation. You can use olive, coconut or vitamin E grooming oils formulated especially for pets. These can be very helpful if your little one has a rash or dry spots on their body.

coconut oil

3- Exercise

Regular physical exercise will not only keep your furry baby in shape but also their coat. A daily exercise routine should be maintained for any dog. This is important for the overall development of dogs. It does not necessarily have to be a heavy exercise routine, you can create your own little routine. Just try to play games with your dog, anything  that involves physical activity every day would also work.

4- Regular Brushing

Brushing is a must for any dog, even if their fur hair length is very small. Not only does it help in removing tangles but also helps with circulating their body’s natural oils everywhere. A good brushing session also acts as a massage for them, helping with blood flow and overall relaxation. Keep in mind the kind of brushes you use; use a comb appropriate for the kind of fur your dog has. Never use a very sharp comb as it might hurt them.

5- Don’t over or under bathe your dogs

Dogs don’t need to be bathed as often as humans, once every two months is sufficient to keep a dog clean. Active dogs, dogs who play in the mud and those with long hair can be bathed more often, say once every 2-3 weeks. Frequent washing can irritate their skin and cause issues like a dull coat, flaky skin etc. Establish a bathing routine for your dog and follow it religiously, it will help in maintaining your dog’s hygiene a great deal.

Don’t over or under bathe your dogs

6- Choose the correct products

Choose very mild shampoos or other cleansing products for your dog. Avoid using anything too harsh or something that can hurt their skin. Also, try to make a choice based on their skin type, for example, if your dog has dry skin then use a shampoo that has oatmeal or aloe vera in it. A hypoallergenic shampoo would be ideal.

A neat, clean and healthy coat not only shows how well kept and healthy your dog is. It is very important to not over wash or under wash a dogs fur, both can cause more damage than good. Apart from this, research about all the products that you use on your dog before application. Make sure they are compatible with your dog. At the end of the day, we try to do what is best for our little ones. A good healthy coat just makes them even better cuddle partners!

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