23 Mar

How to keep your Pets safe this Holi

Once again, the festival of Holi is here. This celebration of colors is special because it brings a very colorful excuse to people to be happy and carefree. But this happiness can turn into pain and suffering for your lovable pets.

keep your pets safe this holi

Colored Chemicals:

Most of the colors found in the market are actually a combination of various chemicals, like zinc, lead and mercury sulphate. Your pet could lick the color fallen on the floor, or lick its own colored body and unknowingly consume toxic chemicals.


Water Balloons: 

Besides causing pain, a balloon can cause grave injury to your dog’s eyes. Also, if the balloon is filled with colored water, it can multiply the harmful effect on your pet. In case this does happen, wash your pet’s eyes with clean water. Observe the dog, if irritation still persists, seek medical help.

Water Balloons

If the damage is done?

Symptoms differ according to different toxins. If your dog is vomiting, salivating in excess, displays reduced consciousness or sensibility, suffers from loose motion or becomes aggressive, then become alert. If detected within an hour of ingestion, you can try and induce vomiting and see if it helps. Otherwise, rush the pet straight away to a vet.

safe your pets this holi

On the day of the festival, take your dog for a walk in the early hours of morning. Post that keep the dog in a safe and private part of the house till around 1 or 2 PM, which is generally the time by which the exuberant part of the festival gets over.

safe holi for pets

If you wish to take your dog for an evening walk on the day of the Holi, or the next morning, then it is highly recommended that you put a muzzle on your dog. By doing this you would be able to prevent your pet from accidentally licking color spread on roads or in parks.

pet care during holi

Don’t limit your concerns to just your pet, be considerate about strays that live around you too. Do what you can to make this Holi safe for all our furry friends.

safe your dogs this holi

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