India’s Best Dog Treats for your Best Buddy!

Believe it, Your Dog is better with Dogsee Chew! We believe it and top veterinarians believe it too! Dogsee Chew products are 100% Organic, grain and gluten free and are the best Dental Treats available. Being Organic and gluten free these products are great in fighting allergies, boosting Immunity and improving Dental health by fighting plaque and tartar and keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Here is what Veterinary Doctors have to say about about our products:

Dr. Narendra R. of Bangalore Pet Hospital.

treats for your dogs

I have used Dogsee chew on my own dogs i.e. Jack Russell Terriers …and found that the dogs enjoyed it throughout the day. Needless to say the teeth are kept clean and neat by this. I can only say it should be tasting good otherwise the dogs would not be busy whole. 
I am happy that such a reasonably priced product is available in our country.”

Dr. Narendra R.
 Bangalore Pet Hospital.

Dr. Praveen – Canfel Pet Clinic, Hyderabad.

treats for your pets

Dogsee Chew is a natural product…… no chemicals and preservatives added. I have tried this product  for my own pets and they loved the flavor and readily accepted this as a snack/treat.
I did not find any tummy upsets or dogs having trouble digesting this milk product..….and I recommend this as an excellent treat for all Dogs.
I see my dogs enjoying them without any side effects…….I have not come across any untoward incident in the last 2-3 months that I have been using this Product for my pets.”

Dr. Praveen
Canfel Pet Clinic.

Trust Doctors, trust us when we say that your pet will greatly benefit from Dogsee Chew products!

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