India’s first Pet Industry Twitter trend, Dogsee Chew got it right!

While India aggravated by hate crimes committed on defenceless dogs was busy protesting on social media, one company took a proactive lead towards finding homes for abandoned Indies. Dogsee Chew’s #BengaluruOptsToAdopt campaign was a major hit with Bangalore’s pet loving society with the campaign finding homes for over 10 rescued pets.

 Dogsee Chew’s appeal was simple – Why buy foreign, when you can adopt your own? Scorning the elitism associated with owning a foreign breed, they urged dog-lovers to adopt a rescued Indie and give it a loving home and the result was #BengaluruOptstoAdopt remained the number one trending topic in India for nearly 5 hours.

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According to data from Simplify360, Social Media Analytics Platform, the campaign created 6347 tweets, over 20k ReTweets creating over 10 million Impressions. The popular hashtag used are #BengaluruOptsToAdopt, #BlrOpts2Adopt, #BengaluruOpts2Adopt and #BangaloreOptstoAdopt. This is by far the biggest social media campaign organized by any NGO or Pet Food company ever in our country.

Among 4288 Tweeples who tweeted about the event, 67% were male while 33% female showcasing higher women participation in animal rights related cause. The campaign also got great support from other cities; 64 percent tweeples were from Bangalore while 17% came from Delhi and 6% each from Pune and Mumbai.

 The campaign started with a pre buzz activity in which the brand used it’s Social Media channels & a website landing page to let the people know about the campaign. They also showcased the dogs & built a personality for them so people can relate & emotionally bond with them.

They then launched an adorable contest  ‘Adopt your Perfect Pet Match’ in which people were invited to send in their pictures and in return they would be matched with their perfect pet. This gained popularity & the campaign received a lot of reach & engagement.


The news of the adoption drive had reached most of the pet lovers & foster parents by then and a lot of registrations & inquiries came in about the event.

 One of the major successes of the campaign was the popularity that it gained on the day of the event itself. The event was organized at a popular Vet centre in Bengaluru and the drive gained national recognition as the hashtag #BengaluruOptstoAdopt started trending and soon reached first position all over India. The team proactively covered the events & gave live updates of all adoption happening.

 It was tweeted about not only by influential persons in the Bengaluru area but, it started catching the eyes of celebrities such as Esha Gupta who personally tweeted about this great initiative and with mentions to the collaborating partners.

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The adoption drive was also supported by Bengaluru Opts to Adopt’s brand ambassador Sneha Kapoor  and Akai Padmashali, the founder of Ondede(NGO for sexual minorities). Bhupendra Khanal, CEO and founder of Dogsee Chew said, Being a Dog food company, we always keep our consumers in mind and that’s why we are indeed humbled to initiate and combat this prolonging issue of homeless Indian pups and helping them find a caring home. The Social Media campaign doing so well has further strengthened our belief and we are going to be doing more such events in the future.

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