International Dog Day – Sign The Petition Today!

Appeal to the United Nations: Recognize Kukur Tihar as International Dog Day

Being the dog lover that you are, you’d think how can somebody even think of hurting a poor soul that asks nothing but your love. Looking at those puppy eyes & wagging tail even the toughest person would melt like butter. But no, that’s not the case. There is all kind of cruelty being inflicted on these voiceless beings and it has only increased in the recent past.

Therefore, we at Dogsee Chew believe that it’s high time the world recognizes and gives our furry friends their due diligence. An ‘International Dog Day’ in honour of our friends. With this appeal our objective is simple – we want the whole world to turn into Dog lovers.

What is Kukur Tihar?

Kukur Tihar (worship of dogs) is the only day long festival that takes nowhere else in world expect few countries like India, Nepal and Bhutan. Also known as Khicha Puja, Dogs are worshipped and offered garlands and delicious foods once a year. This is done in acknowledgment of the cherished relationship between humans and dogs.

Here is why you should sign up

In a world that is witnessing an alarming rise in hate crimes, only one solution at hand is to spread the word of love and peace. Love and peace, which should not stop at mankind but, even extended to our furry friends.

Dogs have always been a household pet from the beginning of time. They have always been loyal, grateful and never stopped loving the human race and at Dogsee Chew, we all love our pups and we are sure you do it. If we celebrate unconditional love such as mother’s day, father’s day and valentine’s day, then without doubt dogs too deserve to have their own special day.


Bhupendra Khanal, CEO/ founder of Dogsee Chew who himself is a vegetarian and an avid animal lover says,”its time that we start respecting animals and give them due respect for loving us unconditionally. There is no way better than converting Kukur Tihar (Dog Festival) to International Dog Day, and celebrate the festival worldwide promising and delivering on making lives of furry friends better.”


This day will be celebrated world over by increasing awareness related to benefits of having dogs as companions, dog food safety works, global dog trade, dog products trade, and the spiritual enlightenment attained by loving animals as part of your daily living.

So, here is a shout out to all the animal lovers from every corner of the world, join our cause and play your part in making International Dog Day a reality!