18 Jul

Is Yak Milk Beneficial For Dogs?

There are many misconceptions regarding yak milk, mainly due to the fact that most of the people are unaware about its benefits. The people residing in the high altitudes of the Himalayan region in Nepal have known about the properties of yak’s milk for centuries and have been consuming it because of its extensive health benefits. Moreover, do you know that yak milk is not only beneficial for humans but also very good for your dog’s health?

Nepal has been the first country in Asia to establish a cheese industry and the only country in the world producing yak cheese until the 1980s. After 1980, many other countries have started rearing yak and using its milk as a staple diet. Yaks cater to many other benefits too, including dung for fuel, draught power, meat and fibre. Each individual yak produces little milk in comparison to cow, so only when large herds are present one can expect to obtain milk in large quantities. Yak produces more milk in summer than in winter. This is the reason why herders store the milk by turning it into butter or cheese for further use.

One of the reasons why yak milk is considered as the healthiest among all is due to the fact that yaks graze freely in natural pastures where wild grasses and herbs of high medicinal value grow, thus becoming the staple diet of the yaks. A healthy diet results in the production of healthy milk, with great nutritional value. Research shows that the amino acids and calcium content in yak milk is 15 percent higher than in cow’s milk. There is also considerably a higher amount of vitamin A in yak’s milk. The milk produced has its own sweet fragrance and the taste is also somewhat sweet, even if you do not add sugar.

Reasons to Include Yak Milk in Your Dog’s Diet:

1.Health Benefits

Yak milk is rich in protein and vitamins with less fat content. It is loaded with minerals and serves to be the best source of antioxidants for your dog.

2. Easily Digestible

Yak milk and its products are easily digestible and incredibly nutritious. A nutritious meal and proper digestion after its consumption keep your dog active all day long.

3. Biologically best for your dog

The rearing process of yaks are so natural that the milk produced by them is pure, healthy and rich in medicinal properties.

4. Helps in sensitivities and allergies

Many dogs are sensitive/allergic to cow milk and its products. For such dogs, yak milk can help them get the required nutrition without any difficulty or discomfort.

5. Low in Fat

The fat content in yak milk is very less in comparison to other animal milk, which makes it a more healthy option and also keeps your dog’s weight in control.

6. Rich in proteins and vitamins

Very few people know the fact that yak milk is a great source of vitamin and protein for dogs. It keeps their bones and teeth stronger and improves their immunity.

Yak milk treat is now considered to be the healthiest dog treat in the world. It is natural, pure and highly beneficial for your dog’s health. Our marquee product ‘Dogsee Chew’ is a range of these hardened Yak milk cheese in various forms – bars, nuggets, puffies and seasoning powder. The only other ingredients that are used in these treats are lime and a pinch of salt to help in coagulation process. Here’s how the process is

yak milk health benefits for dogs

Dogs love the taste and crunch of these treats and Dog parents love it since they are long lasting chews and keeps the dogs engaged for hours on end. These treats are calcium and protein rich and one bar of Dogsee chew is almost like a dental cleanup session for your dog. You can buy them here 

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