List of things you need when you go on a road trip with dogs

Planning a trip with your dog? Have a look at this checklist

Are you a one of those travellers who want to fulfil their wanderlust but not leave their pets back at home? Moreover, do you want to have a memorable road trip along with your pets without causing any inconvenience to them? Yes, pets, like small children, require a great deal of caring and sometimes pampering during such journeys. You really need to take care of certain things such as your pet’s food, medicines, etc before you take off! Making a checklist of such comforts for your pet is definitely a good idea before carrying out any travel activity. So, while planning a trip, the below list of essential items to carry, will come in handy.

planning trip with your dog

1.Leash and collar:

It is the first and foremost item on the list. There is nothing more intriguing than the lure of new and unique smells and your dog is bound to go exploring when you stop for those bathroom breaks. A leash and collar will help keep them by your side.

leash and collar

2. First aid kit:

The first aid kit is a must in order to be prepared to deal with any kind of emergency that poses an immediate risk to the health or life of your pet. There are various kits available for dogs in the market.  Also, pack particular medications, for instance, car sickness meds, if required. Don’t forget to take medical records along with you.

first aid kit

3. Food and water

Make sure you pack adequate quantities of your dog’s favorite food and enough water.


4. Cushions and Bed:

After reaching the destination, your friend would like to have a peaceful sleep and rest its paws after a tiresome journey. Cosy cushion and bedding would be a welcome!

cushions and bed

5. Contact of Veterinarian doctors:

In case of an emergency, the location and other details of veterinary doctors along the route and at the destination will provide a sense of security and relief.

contact of veterinarian doctors

 6. Other accessories:

Don’t forget to carry toiletries such as cleaning supplies, brush, and a poop bag.

accessories for dogs

7. Toys:

There is no doubt that dogs love toys, be it an old sock, a plastic bone, your shoes and especially that favourite ball which they like to play fetch with.


dog toys

8. Long-lasting chews:

A long-lasting chew can help keep your dog busy for hours, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your dog entertained.


9. Check the hotel reservations:

Last but not the least, do a thorough check before booking hotels, on whether proper facilities are available for your dogs.

hotel reservations

The list can be endless but the above mentioned things are good enough to ensure a cheerful outing for you and your beloved pets. Of course, the list is customizable as per your and your pet’s preferences and needs. But, these are some basic things that need special attention while going out.

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