Dogsee Chew Natural and Healthy Treats Launches in Singapore

Bangalore, 21st September: Dogsee Chew launches Yak Milk based Himalayan Chews for Dogs in Singapore, and appoints The Brook Stones as the Exclusive Distribution Partner for the nation. These treats are 100% natural and preservative & grain free.

dogsee chew healthy treats launches in singapore

Dogsee Chew created history by becoming one of the most successful Dog Treats in India in less than a year. These Chews are currently sold in 22 states in India and are highly recommended by veterinarians and pet parents alike.

Dogsee Chew products are rich in Calcium (2153 mg/ 100gm), Crude Proteins (over 59%) and other Vitamins which are great for increasing the immunity and longevity in dogs.

The company currently retails four products:

1. Dogsee Chew Puffies: These are soft crunchy popcorn like treats; can be used both as nutritional and casual treats for dogs.

2. Dogsee Chew Nuggets: Tasty bite sized chews that need to be micro waved to puff them up.

3. Dogsee Chew Long Bars: These are long lasting dog chews made from hardened cheese and are excellent for keeping dog’s teeth and gums healthy and free from diseases. Best used for dental and training treats.

4. Dogsee Chew Puffy Bars: These are softer bars best for puppies and smaller breeds.

On the launch, Dogsee Chew CEO Bhupendra Khanal said, “We are thrilled to bring Dogsee Chew products to Singapore. Our products are the result of genuine love and care for dogs, and the desire to bring healthy all natural treats to our pets. We have received tremendous response from India and are expecting the same from Singapore”

He adds, “Singapore is an important and strategic market, and we plan to use it as a gateway to expand our reach in other APAC countries.”

David Heng, Founder of The brook Stones store said, “We are very excited to be associated with Dogsee Chew, one of World’s best treats for dogs for Dental health and overall hygiene.”

He adds, “We have utmost care for dogs as our motto and nothing better than giving them 100% natural treats. As both companies believe in creating healthy ecosystem for dogs, we become natural partners”

All natural ingredients in Dogsee Chew products help strengthen your dog’s immune system and improve digestion. These products keep your pets free from gluten allergies, lead to strengthened teeth and gums and keep them healthy overall. The products are human grade and since long, these traditional Yak chews have been eaten by people in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Here is what Dr Narendra R, Founder and Veterinarian at Bangalore

Pet Hospital has to say about Dogsee Chew: “…I have used Dogsee Chew on my own dogs. Needless to say the teeth are kept clean and neat by this. I can only say it should be tasting good otherwise the dogs would not be busy whole night with it. I am happy that such a reasonably priced product is available in our country.”

About Dogsee Chew

Dogsee Chew is the India’s first and only all natural Dog treat company. These treats are Vegetarian, 100% Organic and Preservative free, and are made in the Himalayas from Yak Milk.

These products come highly recommended by veterinarians and pet parents alike. The company currently retails four products: All organic and Natural Puffies, Nuggets, Long Bars and Puffy Bars.

About The Brook Stones

The Brook Stones was founded in August 2014 in Singapore. The company is a leading import and distribution house for innovative and high quality Pet supplies.

The company was formed with a specific mission to provide comprehensive and integrated pet care solutions. The company recognizes that pet lovers are constantly seeking products that can genuinely improve the lives of their cherished companions and the search can be costly and sleeveless errand.

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