08 Jul

Our Salute to Unsung Canine Heroes

We always have watched and enjoyed movies with heroic dogs like Lassie, Airbud and Homeward bound to name a few. Time and again there have been many instances where canines have come to aid of their humans or sometimes even complete strangers. Here’s a roundup of our favorite Doggy heroes that range from regular pets to army dogs that in one way or another saved a life.

1. Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina hit the southern part of America, the entire country was rushing to the aid of those affected. Hence, there were a number of inspiring stories popping up all around. But, the one that stood out the most was the case of Katrina. Despite the ironic name, this black Labrador saved a drowning man before the raising flood waters took his life. Katrina after being rescued by the rescue team herself, received that year’s Genesis Award with a standing ovation.


2. Moti

Has anyone ever taken a bullet for you? Well, a five year old German Shepard literally took a bullet for his human and won the 2007’s Dog of the year award. Moti came to the rescue of his human’s family when a masked intruder made his way into the Patel household. When the intruder was faced against this angry pooch, he shot the pup and ran away without harming any of the Patels. Moti has reportedly bounced back very soon and completely recovered from the gunshot wound.


3. Alex

The story of this golden Labrador is truly goosebumps worthy. In 1965, this dog was part of RVC in Meerut, was put on duty after an attempt on the life of Bhutanese King Jigme Dorgi Wangchuck in Paro. Alex was able pick up the scent of the would-be assassin from a grenade lever. He ran for miles until eventually catching the hit man in a temple. Alex received Rs. 1,000, a certificate and his own gold ring from the king as a form of appreciation for saving his life.


4. Jacky

When Gurudev Singh and his family adopted a street dog and named him ‘Jacky’, little did they know this pup would one day save all of their lives. One night when Gurudev fell asleep outside his house, a tiger from the nearby by Dudhwa National Park approached the sleeping man. Jacky, who was asleep nearby sensed the tiger’s presence and jumped at the cat in order to save his master. This gave Gurudev enough time to find a stick and raise alarm. While Gurudev escaped unharmed, Jacky sadly succumbed to his injuries. He is still remembered to this day by his family as the true Braveheart that he was.


5. Haus

The two year old German shepherd was rescued just few months back and introduced to his new family. Despite the short time period, Haus had come to love his family so much that he took three bites from a rattle snake to save his human’s seven year old daughter. Molly was playing with Haus in her grandmother’s backyard when the incident took place. No one noticed something was wrong until they saw Haus‘s bleeding leg. Around 50,000 was raised to save his life for serious treatment needed. You will be happy to hear that Haus has now has fully recovered and is back to playing with Molly.


They might not be a top breed or have undergone any extensive training but, rescue dogs just like any other breeds love you with all their heart.  Saving lives, risking their own and still staying by your side as your trusted companion shows that dogs have always had the instinct to rescue humans. So, why buy one, when you can adopt a friend for a lifetime? Head down to the adoption drive held by Bengaluru Opts to Adopt on 10th July and find your forever love!

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