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Gowtham and Dollar

We are happy and feel privileged to read beautiful, moving stories shared by the contestants of our #Petfie contest. We invited participants to click selfies with their pet pooches and share a small write up about them with us. The winner, the one with maximum engagements and the best story and petfie, will win a Lenovo Tablet and other goodies from Dogsee Chew.


Meet our first contestants Gowtham Neelapareddy and Dollar! Here is what Gowtham has to say about his adorable buddy Dollar:

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“The day he entered our life, my life has changed in a great way. He has become our family member from day 1 he entered our family. My day starts with his smile and ends with his good night hug. Every time I leave home and come back, amount of energy he gets to pamper me is sum of all nuclear energies in the world.


The only time I ever feel low is when he is sick and when he is sick he comes and sleeps on my lap and spends his time just staring at me and this is more painful than anything else in the world to me.


And as a brother, I promise to give you the best I could. And here comes his name $$$ (yes you got it right, he’s dollar) my sweetest and closest pal in the world.”


Gowtham, we can feel the love you feel for Dollar, through your lovely words. We wish you all the best:)

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