11 Dec

A True Story of a Dog Lover

Poonam and Charlie

Meet our second #Petfie contestants Poonam and Charlie! Here is what Poonam has to say about ‘Charlie’, the angel in her life!

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“ It’s not where you go, but whom you travel with. And if you’re lucky enough to have a 4 legged companion by your side, life suddenly gets better. I am blessed to have one such companion ‘Charlie’. He is not just a pet for me, but a piece of my heart, a part of my family, he is my sweet little brother. He relies on me for love, care and more. His life begins and ends with me. It’s up to me to make him happy and I make sure I do all that I can because he is my brother, my companion for life. When it comes to a brother I think this counterpart soul can be the best.. best listener…best follower.. best care-taker. Charlie, my cute little bro has been the best thing to ever happen to me and I am so thankful for it. He has been the single greatest help in making me a more positive, content and outgoing person. He taught me how to love more deeply and to live in the present moment. He came to me at the darkest period of my life, the time when I was under depression, and he became my angel that helped to pull me out from it. He has been by my side through good times as well as my bad times. Through all the chaos he has calmed me down and kept me grounded. I have never been so consistently content with my day to day life as I have been since getting him. He motivates me to stay active and what better way to celebrate being active than to walk & play with your dog. He has been the catalyst in getting my entire family involved in physical activity and has began my journey to a healthier and happier me. He does the most ridiculous little dance when I tell him it’s time for a treat. Its fun making him wear the small t-shirts that I buy for him. He doesn’t like them but still he wears them mostly because he has no choice, but also because he loves me. He has taught me more about being human than actual humans. People tell me he’s just a dog, but I’ve experienced more empathy, more kindness, more compassion from this four-legger than I have from most two-leggers. The true essence of “Quality of Thought and Stillness of Being” is what I found in him. Words will never be enough to say how much I love him yet I want to say that he is most precious in my life and will always be. I will cherish this lovely bond with my Charlie Fur-ever..!!”


Poonam, your story touched our hearts. You are truly blessed and lucky to have Charlie in your life. We wish you all the very best:)

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