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Buy 5 Energy Dog Puffies and Get 1 Dog Cookies Pack Free



Buy 5 Dogsee Chew Puffies and get a pack of Dogsee Bites ‘Peanut Butter’ cookies free.

Dogsee Chew Energy Puffies are ready-to-eat small, bite sized crunchy gluten free dog treats. Dogsee Chew Nuggets are microwaved for 2-5 minutes, they puff up to 3-4 times bigger than the original size to become Puffies.

  • These Cheesy treats are high on Protein, Biotin and Folic Acid
  • Dogsee Chew Energy Puffies are the perfect crunchy snacks best for growing puppies
  • These grain free crunchy treats are not too harsh on the teeth and gums.

Dogsee Bites Peanut Butter Cookies are rich in iron, zinc and vitamin E. With a tempting nutty and buttery flavor to the cookies, your dog won’t be able to resist these cookies.Nutritious and delicious, it’s the perfect treat for your best friend!

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Benefits of Dogsee Chew Puffies:

  • Treats are 100% natural as they are made from pure milk and by using traditional methods.
  • 100% Gluten-free.
  • About 60 % crude proteins.
  • The fat content is less than 1% of the whole product.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Consists of approximately 5% crude fat and 6 % fiber

Benefits of ‘Peanut Butter Cookies:

  • Best for Shiny and Healthy coat
  • Tastes Great and Human grade
  • Rich in Proteins & Vitamins E & H
  • Full of Essential Heart Healthy Fats


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