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Buy 10 Packets of Puffy Bars and get a Diary & Mug free



Buy 10 packs of Dogsee Chew Puffy Bars and get a Mug and a diary free

Puffy bars are a bigger form of Dogsee Chew puffies, and are pre-microwaved ready-to-eat chews for dogs of all sizes and ages.These are soft bars fitted for small puppies who enjoy biting on treats for long hours.

If you are providing any calcium supplements to your dog, you can switch to Dogsee Chew Puffy Bars which are 100% natural and high on natural calcium content.

  • Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D.
  • These Puffy Bars contains over 2000 mgs of Calcium per 100 gm
  • Enhances bone growth and muscle strengthening
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  • Dogsee Chews treats are manufactured from natural ingredients.
  • These nutritious bars make your mutt more healthy and strong.
  • 100% Gluten-free.
  • It has high protein content and less carbs.
  • The fat content is less than 1% of the whole product.
  • Easy to digest.


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