27 Oct

#DogThinks: The Secret Thoughts in Dog’s Mind

Your dog slumbers by your side and what does she dream about? Does your dog like watching TV? Does she feel sad because you yelled at her earlier? Does she feel guilty about something? What does your dog feel? Do you understand it? How to understand your dog’s feelings and maintain a wonderful bond with your best friend? We are here to help you with this situation.

What does your dog think?

Over the years, Neuroscientists have been studying the dog brains to understand what kind of emotions and feelings do they have. Thanks to recent developments in brain imaging technology, we’re starting to get a better picture of the happenings inside the canine cranium. Studies reveal that dogs can easily learn words, numbers, abstract concepts and also to well manage their masters.

The brain structure of humans and dogs are almost similar in the case of producing emotions. During emotional stages they undergo the same chemical changes as humans as they have the same hormones. Dogs even have the hormone oxytocin, which in humans is associated with love and affection. So it is completely reasonable to say that dogs also have emotions similar to ours.

dog mind thinking

Do dogs dream?

Many people believe that dogs have dreams. Most dog owners have noticed their dogs quivering, twitching a leg, growling or snapping at a sleep- created phantom during their sleep, giving an impression that they are dreaming about something. Yes, your dog does dream as its brain structures are similar to ours and they exhibit the same stage of electrical activity as observed in humans.

Dog Thinks

Do dogs Smile?

People think that a dog wagging its tail is something related to a dog’s smile. But there is actually one canine facial expression in which slightly opened jaws reveal the dog’s tongue lapping out over his front teeth, that comes close to what we mean by smiling in humans. Their eyes take a teardrop shape which is more frequent when your dog is relaxed, playing, or interacting socially, especially with people. The moment any anxiety or stress is introduced, the dog’s mouth closes and you can no longer see the tongue.

your dog thinking

Your dogs are similar to you in all ways and even in thinking. Humans and dogs share about 70% of their DNA. Of course, it’s the other 30% that makes us so different. Let’s say that in many ways we behave alike and in other ways we differ greatly. The trick, of course, is in understanding in which situations we differ and if possible, why. It’s the secret to understanding your dog even better.

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