It feels really good to be a pet parent. People claim this feeling to be the same as when you parent an infant. Well, dogs look the cutest when they are pups. We all go gaga over their cuteness and their activities, don’t we?  We adore them. Well, how can someone resist this cute little […]

Dogs and human beings have always been the best of friends. They have shown their utmost loyalty towards human beings over centuries and in return, human beings have treated them like their family members. These social animals are indubitably the most popular pets among humans. They are famous for their loyalty, their unimpeachable ability to sense […]

amitabh bachchan dog breed name

1. Mark Zuckerberg Name: Beast Breed: Puli Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan own an adorable dog called ‘Beast’ who has over 2 million followers on his Facebook fan page. The dog is Zuckerberg’s second most important priority after Facebook. Beast lives in Palo Alto with the Zuckerbergs. 2. Barack Obama Name: Bo Breed: Portuguese water […]