The Benefits Of Yak Cheese in Your Dog’s Diet

In the land of the Himalayas, a unique shaggy-haired creature has its home. These animals, known as the yak are integral to the people living in the region. Not only do they provide milk, meat and hide but are also an indispensable part of the Himalayan way of life.

Himalayan Yak Cheese

The Himalayan yaks graze on the lush grasses and drink the pure waters of the Himalayas, which are imbued with nutritional qualities which, in turn, adds medicinal value to the cheese from these yaks. It’s also found that the calcium and nutrients like protein and certain vitamins and minerals from yak milk are higher as compared to milk.

The Growing Popularity of Yak Cheese

Yak milk has been a staple for the Himalayan people in the form of milk, butter and cheese for centuries. The cheese obtained from the milk is beneficial for both humans and dogs. Since they are high in nutrition and low in fat content, they improve the overall health of pets. Yak cheese was pretty much an alien concept for people having pets. However, the gradual turn towards natural food and humanisation of pet food has increased the popularity of yak cheese as pet food. Churpi, or the treats obtained from hardened yak cheese, are completely natural and free from grain, gluten and preservatives.

Benefits of Yak Cheese in Your Dog’s Diet

Fights Plaque and Tartar

Most dogs suffer from Plaque and Tartar buildup in their teeth if they are not cleaned regularly. Plaque is a coating of bacteria on the teeth which, when hardened, becomes Tartar. Yak cheese helps fight Plaque and Tartar. The uneven shape of Churpi (hardened yak cheese) doesn’t let the deposits accumulate in their teeth.

Freshens Breath

Halitosis, or dog breath, is a common phenomenon in dogs. You may often have felt the stinky breath from your dog. That’s why most people brush their dog’s teeth twice or thrice a day. However, another easy solution is feeding them yak cheese. The rich flavour helps to reduce the stink and freshens their breath.

Encourages Chewing

Puppies, during their teething phase, often want to chew on various things. Even older and senior dogs need to remain in the habit of chewing. Yak cheese induces dogs to keep chewing and helps them remain engaged. Some long-lasting yak cheese treats are ideal to keep dogs chewing for hours.

Helps in Weight Management

Yak cheese contains very less lactose and is high in protein and low in fat. Thus it prevents calories from getting built in dogs and thus reduces chances of obesity. Yak cheese is an ideal option for your dog’s weight management.

Some other benefits of yak cheese are:

  • They are rich in proteins so they help in the daily functioning of the body.
  • They are low in fat and doesn’t add extra calories.
  • They are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and Omega-3. They are also a great source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin A, B and E.
  • They are easily digestible and can keep dogs active throughout the day.

Dogsee Chew produces healthy and long-lasting treats from Churpi or yak cheese. These are 100% natural and nutritious treats that don’t contain grain, gluten or preservatives. Yak cheese is thus extremely beneficial for dogs and should be added to their diet.

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