13 Nov

This Diwali #SayNoToCrackers

Every Diwali when we are laughing out loud to the sight & sound of those crackers, there are our furry little friends trying to find a corner to hide. This Diwali & for all the other upcoming festivals, we at Dogsee Chew are urging people to #SayNoToCrackers and #SayYesToCelebratingTogether.

If we did a survey of how many birds & animals die each year due to crackers, the numbers would be alarming. Through this short video, Dogsee chew makes an appeal to #SayNoToCrackers and celebrate this year’s Diwali together with your pets & other animals.

Say no to crackers

The video has already got more than 121,000 views, around 4295 likes and around 4000 shares on Facebook. This also evoked a lot of responses from people who were mostly positive about sharing the same thoughts as us.

dogsee chew

As a footnote we would like to add that through this short video, we have tried to spread this message of celebrate Diwali peacefully and #SayNoToCrackers. We do not at all intend to offend any religious sentiment.

May Goddess Laxmi Bless You All. Happy Diwali! 🙂

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