Top 5 Tips to keep your dog healthy and happy

Your pet dog thinks the world of you and is the most faithful, loving and unselfish companion you’ll ever find. For all this and the countless amount of joy that your pet gives you, the least you could do is try to keep it happy and healthy at all times. There is tons of information on the internet on how to give your dog a satisfactory life. To make things simple, we have listed out 5 things that you need to pay close attention to, in order to ensure a long happy life for your pet.

Following are the ways to keep your dog happy and healthy:

1. Proper Diet

The first and most important aspect that goes into ensuring your pet’s good health and longevity is nutritious and well balanced food and treats. If you decide to go for commercial brands, look for something which is easy to digest and has no preservatives or added flavors. Remember not to give your dog, human food as its bad for their health. Also make sure to give your dog adequate amounts of clean water. If you are looking for vegetarian treats for your dog, you can try Dogsee Chew treats. Everything that goes into your pet’s stomach will play a role in its weight, dental health, eyesight as well as health of its fur. So, choose wisely!

keep your dog happy and healthy

2. Regular exercise

A Healthy and nutritious diet paired with regular exercise goes a long way in keeping your pet happy and lead a long healthy life. Daily evening walks are the easiest and best forms of exercise for your dog and you could benefit from them too! But in this scorching heat, try not to take our dog out too much during the day. You can follow few tips to make this summer easier on your dogs.

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3. Play time

Dogs are extremely social animals and need companionship just as we humans do. Make sure you keep some time aside each day, to spend with your pet. This will keep your dog happy and provide it with the bonding that it needs. Playing with your dog and teaching/revising tricks, while providing it with positive reinforcements, will make it feel loved and important.

Ways to Keep Your Puppy Happy

4. Regular vet visits

For your pet to be happy and active, it needs to be healthy and fit at all times. Any discomfort, pain or illness will hinder your pet from leading an active life and make it lose interest in learning and training activities. A listless, disinterested pet signals that it is time for a visit to the vet. A regular once a year check up at the vet is a must as well, to ensure good health and wellbeing of your pet.

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5. Clean and adequate shelter

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to protect your pet from scorching heat, rain or cold weather, in order to prevent it from falling sick. Make sure that your pet dog has its cozy spot where it feels most comfortable. You can create a space for your dog using a crate lined with soft material or you could also buy an appropriately sized dog house and cozy it up.

ways to keep your dog happy

Follow these tips and you’ll have a happy and healthy pet by your side for as long as possible. Even if you live in a small apartment and own a small dog breed, you can still follow these steps and have a happy pup by your side :)

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